What Are Corporate Secretaries And What Functions Should They Fulfill?

According to Paul Marcela of Governance Partners Group, LLC, the responsibilities of the corporate secretary can be divided into six categories, many of which relate to the establishment and maintenance of corporate governance, that is, the set of practices according to which the company operates:

Their roles are usually:

– Structure, design, implementation and maintenance of corporate governance of the company: ensure that the board of directors and its committees operate according to articles of incorporation and other constituent documents of the company
– Development and improvement of corporate governance programs and processes: implement best corporate practices and conduct audit, evaluation and training programs for board members and executives
– Support for the board of directors and its committees: take charge of the meetings of the shareholders, the board of directors and its committees, acting as a liaison between the company’s stakeholders
– Recruitment and management of external providers of

What Is Peer To Peer Lending

Peer to peer lending has grown into among the most effective methods for debt funding. This method of funding has ensured there is enough formal credit. It offers a platform where the creditors can leave their money to borrowers with no intervention of a traditional banking system. This stage, in simple terms, provides a market place where borrowers can get unsecured loans for a number of uses.

Why you need to consider peer to peer lending

Over the past decades, the amount of reputable loan providers for this process of debt funding has increased rapidly. Lenders have coped with agents involved in the borrowing and lending procedures. Aside from being a highly seamless lending system, there are additional benefits it provides to both the creditors and the investors.
Below are a few of the advantages of peer to peer lending:

-The procedure for borrowing is simple and rather reasonably …