Accommodations Options For New Expats in Singapore

Accommodations Options For New Expats in Singapore

Accommodation in hotels, particularly in highly dense urban metropolitan city like Singapore, can be very small, with TV, dressing table, and queen size bed all in a room. Enormous suites might be accessible, yet they come at a much higher cost than expected. A fully serviced apartment, though, is similar to hotel such that it is fully serviced, and usually offered larger space area.

Hereby are the accommodation options for expats in Singpaore, comparing the 3 options.



Hotel Stay

Hotel stay are the most expensive options, usually for business travelers, or expats as a temporary option until they find a suitable option or more permanent housing options.

The benefits of hotel lodging are that they are not only daily serviced with room make-up services, and they offer also laundry, food and other necessities.

High speed WIFI is also readily available, with in-room entertainment such as TV.

Security is also almost ensured for new expats whom are new to the country.

Reception services are available for any transport, where to go, and other information.

Serviced Apartment

Serviced apartment are the next best thing to a hotel stay, in which expats can have an ease of mind when they are working in a foreign land.

In typical serviced apartment, all units are equipped with the following:

  • High-speed wireless broadband internet
  • Cable TV (basic channels: world news, entertainment and kids)
  • Flatscreen LCD TV
  • DVD player
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Cooking and dining utensils
  • Towels and bedlinen
  • Washing machine and dryer

One of the top serviced apartment provider in Singapore is ST Residences Singapore.

Known to offer affordable corporate housing options and a wide range of apartment locations in Singapore, ST residences also are highly reviewed and working with various global companies such as Airbus, Insead, and Grab for their expat housings’ needs.


Apartment Rental

The last option would be to search for an apartment through various property online portals, as well as via property agents you may readily find through online searches.

Do ensure, though, that you have read up on relevant legal regulations in Singapore, as well as know about the basic property rental terms, such as Tenancy Agreements, Security Deposits, Letter of Intent, and etc.

Expatriates should have also a diplomatic clause in their Tenancy Agreement clause, as well as clauses that ensure maintenance costs such as changing lighting, curtain blinds, and air-con are covered.

If it’s not settled properly prior to confirming a short term lease, it would become a nightmare for one, causing unnecessary issues potentially.


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