What is Mobile OOH I Integration – Possible Benefits and Strategy

OOH advertising at a selected bus stop in Singapore

There has been so much talk about OOH and how it promotes business growth. This post discusses OOH and four potential benefits to your business venture.


What is OOH integration?

OOH integration or “Out-of-home advertising,” is also referred to as outdoor media. This type of advertising is designed to reach consumers away from the comfort of their homes. OOH is intended to reach consumers in public while they are “on the go.” It can be advertising to clients while in transit, waiting to be served in public places, or particular business locations (retail centers). OOH advertising can be grouped into six categories, including street adverts, billboards, transit, highways, streets, and other alternative adverts.


In the U.S., the out-of-home advertising sector is comprised of 2,100 operators across 50 states representing OOH format groups. They range from small companies to public and multinational corporations as well as family-owned ventures. According to statistics, the U.K. and France are considered among the first largest markets integrating OOH globally. For instance, data obtained from Outsmart and the U.K.’s OOH advertising trade association proves that digital DOOH (digital out-of-home) thrived at a 29.7% CAGR from early 2009 to 2014.


OOH mobile integration has similar characteristics as mobile app services platforms that provide all requirements needed to deliver mobile enterprise applications. They include functions as API management, out-of-the-box connectors, MBaaS, and push notification systems. OOH mobile integration platforms help simplify and minimize costs related to designing enterprise applications.


Benefits of OOH


There are many benefits associated with out-of-the-box advertising, including:


High Reach with Mass Audience

Businesses and brands can utilize this platform to reach a wide range of audience. Additionally, it’s public with access to consumers challenging to achieve. Young customers, busy businesses, and low-income clients lack easy access to conventional mediums. This is the reason why OOH advertising is the best possible way of reaching them.


OOH is an Engaging Medium


Compared to many mediums, outdoor advertising is embraced and liked by a host of consumers. APN Outdoor researchers concluded that approximately 71% of consumers in Australia prefer public

transport means bearing adverts than those without. Additionally, 36% of those interviewed said that outdoor advertising is a welcome distraction.


OOH is a Team Player in the Marketing Industry


OOH advertising has, time and again, proved to work with different mediums. The overall effect of outdoor advertising is more significant and always reminds clients of the advertised message in various media. OOH is crucial in providing businesses with new approaches that are creative in reaching a vast client base. Find a capable OOH advertising company that will assist you in navigating through the journey of finding the most effective mobile ooh advertising approach that is customized for your needs and budget.


OOH Determines Purchase Intentions


Previously, we mentioned how APN Outdoor researched on user’s preferences on public transport. Well, they also stated that 70% of purchases are done outside significant shopping and retail centers. Location is a crucial factor when it comes to OOH advertising since it affects all stages a customer uses to reach a purchase decision. In its research, U.K.’s Outdoor Media Center say that OOH advertising is a shopping concept shown by many potential shoppers in “the last phase of impact” before actual purchase.




OOH advertising offers businesses and brands a unique and creative approach required to reach their consumers. In case you are interested in all or some of the benefits listed above, you need to consider finding a reliable OOH advertising company to assist you.

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