How to apply for jobs in Singapore

Getting a job in Singapore is similar to any other place. You must meet certain requirements before submitting your application requests. The internet offers a good place to start. However, this may not be true when it comes to strong applications. That said, the guide below seeks to provide you with our best job hunting advice


Check online

There are a variety of local listings where you can apply for a job in Singapore. For instance, sites like Glassdoor provides a wide network of jobs listed on their website. While its easier to apply for a job online, it’s somehow tougher to stand out from the rest. Once you see a job listed on such sites, go directly to the specific company and apply through their official website. This will make it easier to understand the job requirements as well as the company itself.


Register yourself with employment boards

Agencies have more to offer than what we see on the local listings. Since they make a living by getting you a job, they will be motivated to help you. Some of the popular recruiters around Singapore include Kelly agencies, Adecco and more. Make an effort to register yourself with some of the recruiters in order to increase the chances of landing a job. 


Update your resume 

Ensure to include a cover letter when applying for jobs in Singapore. The resume should also contain only important and relevant details. For the cover letter, express the reasons why you think you are perfect for the job.


Submit applications

If you want to increase the odds of getting a job, then apply for a variety of jobs. Having many numbers gives you an upper hand of landing a good job. Since many people have submitted their applications online, its good to make a follow up on your own. Give a call to the company manager and introduce yourself. Ask whether they received your application and if yes, what next.

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