Where to go for the best brunch in Singapore

One of my favorite things to do on a weekend morning goes out for brunch. There’s something about sitting down with friends and family, eating breakfast foods all day long, drinking bottomless cups of coffee, and switching from work mode to casual-chill mode that you find extremely satisfying. Here are some places where you can go for a really good brunch in Singapore :

  1. One Rochester

One Rochester is the staple Sunday brunch place among bloggers and influencers alike – it’s always filled with people on weekends. The food presentation is stunning; they have everything from eggs benny, pancakes to eggs florentine. This is one of those instagrammable cafes in Singapore for brunches that you should not miss if you’re looking for a photo-worthy meal.

  1. Kettle by Hoshino Coffee Singapore

Kettle serves up really good brunches. What’s different about their brunches is that they serve Japanese-style brunches inspired by the Yukon-nabe. If you’re looking for something innovative and exciting, check out Kettle. It’s next to Balestier Market so you could also make a day of it. They also do yum cha brunch on weekends if you want to go for both breakfast and lunch in one sitting.

  1. Potato Head Folk

Potato Head Folk has really good Western food. We are talking Eggs, Ben, waffles, pancakes here, people! It’s a must-try if you’re brunching with your family or friends. They have really good coffee too, by the way.

  1. Brothers Burger + Café

This place is always pumping on weekends, especially since they serve food all day long – who doesn’t love that? People love their sandwiches, and although it’s not breakfasting food per see, their fried chicken sandwich is pretty tasty

  1. The Alchemist

This isn’t exactly a weekend brunch place but more of an everyday place for many because they are totally in love with their soft-boiled eggs with crabmeat on brioche toast. It tastes even better when paired with a bottomless cup of coffee – how amazing is that? If you haven’t tried this yet, get yourself to the Alchemist ASAP.

  1. Pilgrim Restaurant & Bar

Their brunch menu has really good staple foods like chicken chop and lamb chop – if you’re not a fan of the classics, though, they have quite a unique selection too. Try out their oxtail hash or custard french toast if you want something different from your usual meal.


If you’re looking for a really good deal on weekend brunches, go to Poulet. What’s great about this place is that they have so many food choices from all over the world it reminds me of those buffets where you can eat all sorts of dishes from different countries. This is perfect for family brunches.

Whether you want to enjoy an upscale brunch with friends or just need a quick meal on the go, there are plenty of options for everyone in Singapore. We hope this blog post has helped to find out where to go for the best brunch in singapore.


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